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The pandemic has prompted some needed change in hospitality.  
A few of these are here to stay for a while:

 - Masks need to be worn inside when not eating and drinking and when traveling to the restrooms for the safety of other guests and our staff.

 - Based on research, 22% is the average gratuity paid by guests.  We use the 22% to pay our entire team a living wage, making hospitality a sustainable profession. Providing predictability in pay and benefits helps create equality in the workplace, as well as attracts new candidates to our field.  

Safety First

While we never expected to be opening during a pandemic, be assured that nothing is more important to us than creating a safe environment for our team, our guests, and our community.  While CDC guidelines and city regulations are changing, we ask our guests to be understanding as we navigate the months ahead.

Mask Up

Masks need to be worn inside when not eating or drinking for the safety of other guests and our staff.  We ask everyone inside—including vaccinated guests—to wear masks properly as a sign of respect to everyone in the restaurant. It takes a village!

Clean House

Cleaning takes place throughout the day in our kitchens, as well as our inside and outside dining areas.  Our new air system is always circulating fresh air; no recycled air particles!

Our Team

If any member of our team doesn’t feel well, they stay home.  Our team has daily wellness and temperature checks and follows constant hand washing measures.

Not Feelin’ it? 

Please stay home if you or anyone you live with are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, waiting for test results, or have been in contact with someone exposed to COVID-19.   

 We are so excited to be in the neighborhood and we appreciate all the support we’ve received. We hope you’ll come visit us soon!

            -The Team at La Collina